Integrated-optical detection of volatile organic compounds using functional polymer coatings - COLODOR

Quantitative detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is highly relevant for a wide range of applications. COLODOR tackles the need for compact VOC detection systems by proposing a new optical multi-parameter gas sensor concept that relies on dye doped polymers.

The key objectives are:
-Research on these novel sensing materials and their local deposition on a sensor chip
-Realization of a self-contained photonic gas sensor chip
-Proof of the optical VOC sensing principle and evaluation of the sensor performance

The concept enables a small form factor, operation at room temperature and low power consumption. The project puts an emphasis on compatibility with cost-effective mass fabrication technologies to ensure a smooth transfer of the results to commercial products. This is reflected by the participation of three companies in charge of the photonic chip, the polymer deposition, and the validation of the sensing concept with respect to a cooking related target application.

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